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Making Learning Easier, More Relevant and Flexible since 1994.

Why get certified? 
It helps individuals differentiate themselves in a competitive job market, and enables hiring managers to simplify and shorten the hiring process. Most importantly – people who are certified are able to do their job better. Those who are certified have proven expertise utilizing the powerful new features and functionality the systems and applications certified in. Individuals can complete tasks more easily, getting the most out of the  products they use every day in order to work smarter and deliver better results. 

Why is certification important? 
As companies upgrade to different versions of the Microsoft Office System, QuickBooks and Adobe, certification is a perfect opportunity to recruit and retain productive employees, which in turn validates and maximizes the return on their technology investment. Individuals certified in products have more skills than could be acquired just by learning on the job, and can tap the new features and functionality to complete tasks and projects quickly and more efficiently. 

Certifications are available for many end users, specialized users and IT professionals.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • QuickBooks Certified User
  • QuickBooks Advisor Pro
  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

Did your last class leave you wondering if there was a better way to learn?
We understand the variety of ways adults learn. Our proven and time-tested learning sytem  tailors each person's course content, instruction, schedule and experience to their unqiue needs, availability, preferences and requirements. 

    Classroom | Remote to a Convenient Location | Private Sessions
You do not find this with traditional, old school one-day | all-day lectures.

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89% supervisors say that certified employees are more proficient users of Microsoft Office programs.

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